What Not To Do As an E-Scooter Rider

In this article, we would like to feature some of the mind boggling, image tarnishing stuff that some e-scooter riders in our community are doing.
These are the absolute minority but they are giving the majority a bad name.
E-Scooters by regulation need to fall within the 20kg limit, cannot exceed 25kmh and cannot be ridden on roads.
Many of these illegal e-scooters far exceed the 20kg limit and are ridden mostly by our young ones with no sense of fear on roads and even (gasp!) expressways. Speeds exceeding those of a moped are commonplace.
This is pure ignorance. A car driver is not trained to look out for something so small that is sharing the same space with them. And in a split second decision, it’s a 1 Tonne (1000kg) metal going head to head against a 40kg e-scooter. It’s a forgone conclusion.