Balance Car Manufacturer Described Scooter Battery Maintenance

1,Scooter based on road conditions
Mainly less bumpy pavement. Hill, on the bridge, the wind load when traveling be sure to slow down. This avoids large current discharge the battery, reduce the impact of cell damage, while also increasing endurance and service life of the battery. Try not to drive a scooter in winter added to the maximum horsepower, so you can avoid low battery capacity led to power shortages, but also to extend battery life.
2,recharge the
Balance car manufacturers introduced scooter stored not in a State of lack of electricity. Store batteries in the State is prone to sulfate, lead sulfate crystals attached on the plate, block ion channels, resulting in insufficient charging, battery capacity fall idle state longer, more severe battery damage. Therefore, hanging over the scooter when not in use, should also be added once a month, that is able to keep the battery healthy.
3,to avoid large current discharge
Scooter starts, manned, uphill to try to avoid an instant high current discharge. High discharge current can easily lead to produce lead sulfate crystals, to the detriment of the physical properties of the battery.
4,correct charge time
Balance analysis of car manufacturers, and scooter use, should be based on the actual situation difficult to really grasp the charging time, refer to the usual frequency and mileage, note also that the size provided by the battery manufacturer instructions, as well as the charger and charging parameters such as the size of the current frequency to take charge.