Safe Use Of Folding Electric Scooter

Folding electric scooters in the street (road), do not use.
When in front of the ride, make sure that each part is loose and that the locking lever is locked.
Folding electric scooters are not toys, apart from the riding, do not use.
For security reasons, when in use, to prepare in advance a helmet, wrist guards, rubber-soled shoes and so on, so that physical protection measures. In addition, when playing, do not wear sunglasses and headphones. Meanwhile, easy slip-on shoes, heels are not worn.
When riding, not to stunt riding.
During the night, rainy, snowy pavement or gravel, sand, potholes and other dangerous places, please do not use it. While undulating roads, where vehicles frequently and many pedestrians, please don't drive.
Scooter 1 00 kg maximum weight limit. Weigh more than those who do not use