Requirements of the battery electric vehicle manufacturers explained

Electric car manufacturer introduced, many batteries in unit testing, you can get better results, but for series batteries, due to capacity, the open circuit voltage, not the same State of charge, the degree of curing, the difference will be expanded in series battery, monomers can affect the whole group with poor battery life decreased significantly. In the production line from the battery charging, to the user's car after car using this time to go through a lot of links, time interval, or even as long as several months, during this period, with no recharging the battery self discharge of lead sulfate crystallization of the huge, users just buy new batteries may be aging even charge battery. Battery manufacturer when in the implementation of quality assurance, for recycling batteries is not completely eliminated. Battery after backtracking, re-charge and discharge the battery manufacturer tests tend to find more than 60% in the test cell was not eligible for back to back of battery. The reason for this is in a serial battery pack, individual batteries behind the formation of the entire set of cell function and cause the entire group back to back.