Three Structure Of Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters and cheap, very energy-saving, power charger 6 hours riding more than 20 kilometers, speeds of up to 32 mph, which for all ages (> 12 years old) friend is absolutely suitable for a choice compared with the electric bicycle, handsome in appearance, it is easy to operate, and because the seat low center of gravity, driving more safely. Therefore, the electric scooter has been very popular in foreign countries, and in recent years began to emerge in the country. Is expected in the near future, electric scooter will become a trend, and is bound to set off a trend to save energy.


First, the handlebar height slightly below the chest, to grasp, not conducive to control handlebars, low too long will feel tired. In General, handlebars and the direction perpendicular to the body, in turn, to twist the handlebars, handlebar always turn left or turn right, the car circles along one direction, easy to wrestle. Of course easy to fall for the wheel size, materials used, the wheel and the material is soft, buffering, the greater the effect encountered minor Groove or uneven roads much safer.


Second, before school, preferably with experience riding a tricycle, which makes it easy to master the skill of the handlebar controls vehicle steering; adults after the electric scooter, soon mastered bike taxi way, facilitate transition to ride a two-wheeled bike.


Electric scooters three structures, as follows:

1. you can push off the direction of strength and power. STOMP outside except you can make faster, force direction is also very important, with directions. You can maximize the scooter to do work.

2. Road, the road smoother and faster. There is you are not familiar with the road, afraid of something stuck wheels. Was a little afraid. So do not add up faster. Prior checking of the pavement.

3. bearings, bearing, flexible, the wheels quickly, so quickly.