Electric balancing hoverboard/scooter is good with lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries

Many consumers in the purchase of electric balancing vehicles do not know when to install what kind of battery is better, some say that lead-acid batteries, and some say that lithium batteries, then what is the difference between them in the end, in the end is good?

In fact, mainly rely on lithium-ion lithium ions in the positive and negative moving between to work. In charge and discharge process, Li + between the two electrodes in the embedded and de-embedded: rechargeable battery, Li + from the positive de-embedded, through the electrolyte embedded in the negative, the cathode is in lithium-rich state; General use of materials containing lithium elements as the electrode of the battery, at this stage are the most negative graphite. Lithium battery Compared with lead-acid battery, lithium battery has the advantages of light weight, large specific capacity, long cycle life, etc. It is not only light and easy to charge, but also helps the vehicle product " Lightweight and simple "design.

Lead-acid battery electrode is mainly made of lead and its oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. Lead-acid battery charge state, the main component of the main cathode for lead dioxide, the main component of lead to lead; discharge state, the main components of both positive and negative lead sulfate.
In addition to two kinds of batteries are energy storage devices, the other is not how the same. Lead-acid battery safer, cheaper, but the energy density is lower than lithium, so the volume of lead-acid batteries on the larger.

At this stage, the battery (energy storage) technology research has not yet been a breakthrough, that is "low-cost, high-performance" battery commercialization has not yet put into practical application, we can lead the existing acid batteries and lithium batteries Of the excellent characteristics of the joint transformation and upgrading, as the current and future period of time the main research topic. I believe that the future of electric balancing cars, and even the entire electric scooter industry has a more clear direction.
On the current "lithium car" in terms of penetration, far lower than the "lead-acid battery" model products, the reason is that the current cost of lithium batteries is still relatively high. Therefore, in the existing "lithium car" product design, the use of more capacity to reduce the configuration of lithium batteries to reduce the vehicle implementation costs accordingly, which makes the existing "lithium car" product models are too single. For example, the current market for lithium-powered products are mostly "motorcycles" and the sequel is not very far models, but like two rounds of electric balancing cars, two electric balance car these relatively far from the current situation is more suitable for " Battery ", for the above issues related to the discussion, Airplaying electric hope to allow more consumers to recognize the" lead-acid electric and lithium batteries, "the analysis of the two, then you have to recognize that you buy electric scooter How should choose the battery side of the bar.