How to use the battery of electric balance hoverboard/scooter correctly

1, do not casually replace the charger, do not remove the controller speed limit
        The manufacturers of various electric balance car charger generally have personalized needs, do not grasp the time do not arbitrarily replace the charger. If the continued mileage requires a long distance, it must be charged for the remote and equipped with multiple chargers, recharge the charger during the day to supplement the use of additional charger, and at night with the original charger. Removal of the controller's speed limit, although it can improve the speed of some cars, but in addition to reducing the safety of the car, it will reduce the battery life.
2, to protect the charger
        Instructions for protecting the charger are provided in the general operating instructions. Many users do not read the instructions of the habit, often in addition to the problem after the recall to find the manual to see, often too late, so look at the manual is very necessary. In order to reduce costs, now the charger basically do not do high vibration-resistant design, so that the charger is generally not on the electric bicycle trunk and car baskets. Special circumstances must be moved, but also the charger with a good foam packaging, to prevent the occurrence of vibration bumps. Many chargers after vibration, its internal potentiometer will drift, making the drift of the parameters, resulting in the charge state is not normal. Also need to pay attention to is to keep the charger when charging the air, otherwise it will not only affect the life of the charger, but also the occurrence of thermal drift and affect the state of charge. This will cause damage to the battery. Therefore, the protection of the charger is also very important.
3, charge every day
        Even if your ability to continue the line is not long, a charge can be used 2-3 days, but it is recommended that you charge every day, so that the battery is in a shallow cycle, the battery life will be extended. Some early use of mobile phone users, that the battery is best to use after the end of the basic charge, this view is wrong, lead-acid battery memory effect is not so strong. Often put on the battery life of the impact of relatively large. Most chargers will charge 97% to 99% of the battery charge when the indicator light is fully charged. Although only 1% to 3% of the battery charge, the impact on the continued capacity is almost negligible, but also the formation of undercharge accumulation, so the battery is fully charged after the light or as far as possible to continue floating charge, the inhibition of the battery curing is beneficial.
4, timely charging
        Electric balancing car battery discharge began after the curing process, in 12 hours to start, there has been significant curing. Timely charging, you can remove the vulcanization is not serious, if not in time charge, these sulfide crystals will accumulate and gradually form a thick crystal, the general charger for these coarse crystals is powerless, will gradually reduce the battery capacity, shortening the Battery life. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, but also pay attention to, as soon as possible after the end of the charge, as far as possible so that the battery power is full.
5, regular deep discharge
        A regular battery deep discharge is also conducive to "activate" the battery, you can slightly enhance the battery capacity. The general method is to periodically conduct a complete discharge of the battery. The method of full discharge is to ride to the first undervoltage protection on a flat road under normal load conditions. Note that we place particular emphasis on the first undervoltage protection. After the first battery undervoltage protection, the battery after a period of time, the voltage will rise, but also to return to non-undervoltage condition, then if the use of batteries, the battery is very harmful. After the complete discharge is complete, the battery is fully charged. Will feel the battery capacity has improved.
6, to develop a good habit of saving some
        Use taxi as much as possible. Such as downhill, as far as possible the use of early power slide glide. In about to encounter traffic lights into the taxi ahead of time, the maximum reduction in braking. A friend told me that he would prefer to switch to a bay to reduce the brake once, it makes sense to start, it is best to join the riding power, not only can improve the startup speed, and can reduce the battery power loss And life damage.
7, pay attention to the charging environment
        The optimum ambient temperature for charging is 25 ° C. Now most chargers do not adapt to the ambient temperature of the automatic control system, so most of the charger is designed according to the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, so 25 ℃ under the conditions of charge is better. Otherwise, it will inevitably occur in winter due to undercharge and summer overcharge problem. While the ambient temperature is really less at 25 ℃, so there must be summer overcharge the problem of under-charging in winter. Fortunately, most families now have the conditions of indoor thermostat, so that when charging, it is best to arrange the battery and charger in a ventilated and thermostat environment. Special note is the battery in the north of the winter in the outdoor low temperature state into the warm room when the surface of the battery will appear frost condensation. In order to avoid frost condensation caused by the battery leakage, the battery temperature should rise to close to the indoor temperature and dry after the recharging.
8, make full use of maintenance conditions
        Many dealers can provide electric balancing car battery repair and maintenance services, should make full use of these services. Some brands of electric balancing cars on the battery maintenance. Such as: regular maintenance of the battery, you can reduce the damage to the battery. The repair of the state of charge of the battery can alleviate the "battery backward" failure, which is equipped with the ability to repair the dealer is easy. For the loss of water, the battery capacity of 70% of the replenishment time than the battery capacity of 40% of the replenishment effect is better. And even some brands of products also proposed: to the provisions of the time is not equivalent to the maintenance of the battery to give up warranty period. So that consumers should not be the loss. Therefore, consumers should make full use of battery maintenance conditions to extend the battery life.