Appearance and matching degree, how to determine the advantages of electric balance hoverboard/scooter charger

Battery and charger performance can be said to be complementary. This is like a lot of electric balance car manufacturers to launch ultra-long durable battery, but also on the charger to promote the same, both in the match, in order to achieve the requirements of long power. So consumers in the purchase of new chargers, we must consider the electric balance car battery voltage and the number of hours. The following will be introduced one by one to buy electric balance car charger need to pay attention to the situation.
 First, the appearance
    Choose a good charger first look at the appearance, shell solid, thicker power lines, especially the plug part of the thick is appropriate.
    Followed by the charger to see if there is no relevant quality certification, such as 3C certification, quality supervision and inspection of the number of qualified.
    Look at the charger manufacturer's name, contact information, factory date, etc. are identified.
    If the above conditions are met, then the charger can basically be assured to buy, the following will carefully check whether the match with their own electric balance.
    Two or three aspects to see whether the charger with the electric balance car to match
    1. Determine the battery voltage V and battery capacity Ah of the electric balance, or the output voltage and output current of the original charger.
    2. Look at the battery type, equipped with lithium batteries and lead-acid battery electric balance car, even if other voltage, capacity parameters of the same, can not choose the same charger, lithium battery has a dedicated charger.
    3. Determine the charger interface shape suitable for electric balance car positive and negative. The more common interface on the market there are four, T-type prefix, three vertical goods prefix, in the cross goods prefix, round head.
    The above is simply a simple way to buy electric balance car charger, consumers want to buy a better performance charger, but also depends on whether it has a high temperature, no leakage, single-chip digital control, positive and negative pulse repair charging function, Temperature automatic compensation function, balanced charging function, no output protection and other functions, and the other charge mode is also a test of the performance of the charger on the one hand, the general positive and negative pulse mode is better than the three-stage mode.