How to safely use an electric balance Hoverboard/scooter

Electric balance hoverboard, also known as somatosensory car, in the city traffic increasingly blocked today, the electric balance to become a convenient mode of travel to the public, easy to travel another choice, with the electric balance car hot, this new product safety risk is also appear.

Electric balance hoverboard to the battery as the energy, according to the principle of dynamic balance, the use of the body inside the gyroscope and acceleration sensor, sensor body and user status changes through the wheel rolling, forward or backward movement. Common electric balance car can be divided into three categories: one-wheel balance hoverboard, two-wheel balance hoverboard (with joystick) and two-wheeled balance Hoverboard (no joystick)
How can you choose a qualified balance car and the correct use of it?
1, please buy a regular manufacturer of the label with the product, the label should indicate the product model, factory site, the use of instructions, warning and other related information;

2, in the use of electric balance car, should be based on the use of instructions, first in the ground trial, to be skilled operation on the road when the road;

3, in the charging process, should pay attention to standardize the process, the first charger and electric balance car connection, then the charger access to power; fully charged should first pull out the charger plug, and then disconnect the connection with the electric balance , As far as possible to ensure the safety of electricity;

4, according to the use of instructions for charging, pay attention to control the charging time, to avoid overcharging.