Teach you 7 steps to ensure riding balance hoverboard safely

What is the electric balance hoverboard/scooter

Electric balance is a power-driven and self-balancing ability to control the means of transport, its operating principle is mainly based on a known as the "dynamic stability" (Dynamic Stabilization) of the basic principles, the use of internal gyroscope And acceleration sensors to detect changes in body posture and use the servo control system to precisely drive the motor to adjust accordingly to maintain system balance. Riders only need to change their own body angle forward or backward, the balance of vehicles can be tilted in the direction of forward or backward.
Electric balance hoverboard/scooter classification

The current electric balance car can be divided into rounds, two rounds, four rounds of three types, but different manufacturers designed products are varied. The wheelbarrow has a surfboard type, a skateboard type, a pedal type, a skateboard type wheelbarrow balance truck is generally more difficult than the pedal type; the two rounds of the belt with the handle, the need to use the handle The direction of the regulation, without the need to use the body to adjust the control; four rounds of the common type is the skateboard, generally need to use with the remote control. The difference between the three types of electric balance vehicles in addition to the different design, battery capacity and battery life is also the most obvious difference. As a consumable, most of the electric balance car can replace the battery or install the second battery, but the general battery price is relatively high.
1. Beginners can choose to buy armor, to avoid the practice of injury
2. Whether it is practice or normal driving, the sudden situation must protect the person does not keep the car, pay attention to personal safety
3. Make sure that the battery is inflated properly before using it
4. Electric wheelbarrow self-balancing range is limited, not urgent acceleration and deceleration, so as to avoid the equipment caused by miscarriage of justice
5. Do not try a quick speed before you have a good grasp of the control balance.
6. Practice can rely on the wall, railings or people to familiar with the sense of balance, do not recommend the installation of auxiliary wheel or auxiliary with a class, not useful
7. Online tutorial is actually useful, or rely on their own to try to figure out