SH7 Plus EEC dual battery citycoco scooter

The main characteristics of Sh-7 plus harly citycoco scooter. 

Frame: material. 
Tire wheel: iron. 
Packing size: 200 x 38 x 80. 
Total weight / net weight: 70kg. 
Maximum speed: 50 kilometers per hour. 
Maximum load: 200kg. 
Range: 40 km. 
Rock climbing ability: 40 °. 
Braking method: front and rear hydraulic disc brake. 
Motor: 60V 1000W, brushless DC motor. 
Charging time: 8 to 10 hours

   Standard: front oil shock absorber, back seat tilting, storage box, backward tilting, angel headlamp, Bluetooth, biodegradable lithium battery, crawler pad, three-speed conversion, double key start, no key start, APP, ankle, tail light,. Direction indicator, daily running light, love food, self-contained shock absorber, iron frame