E-scooters zipping around Edmonton cause for excitement and concern

One day after the city announced an e-scooter business has been given a permit to operate in Edmonton, people on Bird e-scooters could be seen zipping around city streets and rival company Lime says it will be quick to follow.
Conrade Rivalland, who is from Australia and in Edmonton to perform at the Fringe Festival, was quick to use one of the Bird scooters left on Whyte Avenue near 106 Street.
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“I’m lazy and don’t want to carry my water!” he joked.
Rivalland is no stranger to the mode of transportation: he’s ridden e-scooters from Lime at the Adelaide Fringe in Australia. He has also seen the scooters in New Zealand.
“They were really good in festival environments because they’re restricted just to certain areas,” he said. “A lot of people use them. There was a little bit of a problem in New Zealand with the speed, but they slowed that down in Adelaide and very convenient.”
Bird e-scooters spotted on Whyte Avenue near 106 Street in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona area on Friday, August 16, 2019.
Morris Gamblin, Global News
What does it cost?
The Bird scooters cost $1.15 to start and 35 cents a minute after that — a rate the company said earlier this year would make the service competitive with public transit. People pay using an app.
On Friday, Lime confirmed it is also rolling out their e-scooters in Edmonton this weekend. The company said it will start with 200 scooters beginning Saturday, and aims to eventually have a fleet of more than a 1000.
Lime scooters will cost $1 to start and 30 cents a minute after that. The company said while Lime scooters will be available throughout Edmonton, they will be concentrated in the downtown urban core.
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