The Basic Classification Of Fitness Equipment

Indoor fitness equipment

Treadmills, upright magnetic exercise bike, recumbent magnetic exercise bike, magnetic elliptical machine, climbing, spinning, and comprehensive training, posture training, such as power equipment. Used for the gym.

Exercise bike

Commercial cardio cycling durable, with a smooth comfortable exercise experience. Multiple resistance levels and integrated entertainment systems provide for different levels of users with excellent customer service.

Belt drive system

Double conversion drives gives customers a smooth, quiet exercise experience. To replace the Ply-V belt chain, the noise smaller, resulting in small maintenance.

Suite for 3 handles

3 suites which can be firmly tightened, reducing the need for periodic adjustments. 9/16-inch crank arm can take any standard road or mountain bike pedals.

Integrated entertainment

One Cardio Theater design, equipped with personal video screens. At the same time you can enjoy the comfortable audio-visual experience, to provide you with better customer service.