The correct use of lithium batteries

With the popularity of electric vehicles in modern life is getting higher and higher, people lack the knowledge of electric vehicle battery maintenance is also becoming increasingly prominent. Many people in the use of electric vehicles often complain when the lithium battery life is too short, or the quality of not, prone to problems. In fact, there are a lot of factors because the owner can not regulate the use of lithium batteries. To the current market generally recognized a higher degree of days to lithium batteries, for example, if consumers have mastered the right to use, then the days of lithium battery life will be able to greatly extend. Let me let you know about the use of electric vehicles lithium batteries the right to use what specific it.
1. The best choice of intelligent socket
Many lithium battery electric car users to work from home to charge, the next day to work off the power, in fact, most of the charger can not be 100% to ensure that the lithium battery is fully charged when the automatic power. The best way is to buy smart sockets, set a good time to charge, so you can solve the problem of rest at ease at night.
2. Power loss is strictly prohibited
Some users have been to the lithium battery when the electric car does not move and then recharging, so it is easy to affect lithium battery performance. Depth of discharge will greatly shorten the life of lithium batteries. If the way is not sufficient power is best pedaling power in advance to avoid the depth of discharge.
3. Do not charge at too high or too low temperatures
During the process of charging lithium battery itself will produce a small amount of heat, in the high temperature charge, the temperature will rise, damage the battery performance. The temperature is too low. Lithium battery capacity is poor, activity weakened, lithium battery power shortage, the number of charge and discharge increases, shortening the life of lithium batteries.
4. Long-term storage should pay attention to regular charging
Do not use the battery for a long time should be disconnected from the battery and the vehicle connection, and the interval of about half a month to add some battery power to avoid the battery self-discharge, or protection board power to the battery.