Wild wheel Motor Folding Electric Scooter

Shenzhen Shining Electric Co., Ltd. has 6 years of production experience, electric motorcycle,. High-quality products offered cheaply focus on all types of shared certificates. 
We are a business partner responsible for motherboard, control panel, motor and battery products with excellent quality.We reject all shoddy material.. All major components of the product have a year of free maintenance services. 

This motorcycle is designed for sharing motorcycles. Appearance, lighting and speed tires are co-developed.
Main functions: 
1.500w no brush. 
2: maximum speed: when lower than 25KM/H, each person runs more than 40 kilometers. 
3:Max load: 120KGS. 
4:Shock:Front front and rear wheel independent suspension. 
5:Brake:Rear disc brake. 
6: light: LED indicator. 
7:Tire:100 mm 3 layer large tire, aluminum alloy wheel